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Why Auction?

A Quick, Efficient Way to Convert Property To Cash.

The benefits of selling by auction are many.  Of course, converting your property, possessions and other inventory to cash is one of the major ones.  But people don't want to sell unless they get fair market value and that's where the auction comes in.  An auction outperforms any other marketing method for whatever people have to sell. The competition created among the buyers stimulates prices and establishes current market value.

Real Estate Auctions Work.

For decades, everything from fine art and rare antiques to farm machinery and livestock has been sold at auction.  In fact, some commodities are rarely sold by any other means.

  • Listing time is minimal
  • Closing can be compoeted within 30-45 days
  • Auction lasts only a few minutes
  • No contingencies or negotiations
  • Property is SOLD "As-Is"